Anesthetic Management of an Emergency EXIT Procedure


EX-utero Intra partum Treatment; spinal anesthesia ; cervical teratoma ; neonate ; airway ; supraglottic airway

Published online: Sep 30 2019

N. Kumar , S. Singla, A. Jain

Lady Hardinge Medical College & Associated Hospitals, New Delhi, India.


We present a case of an EX-utero Intra partum Treatment procedure with special reference to maternal anesthetic technique and management of a difficult neonatal airway as an emergency. A 30-year- old gravida 2, para 1 female, with a prenatal fetal diagnosis of cervical teratoma, presented with premature rupture of membranes for emergent cesarean delivery at 34 weeks of gestation. In view of inadequate fasting status, spinal anesthesia was administered and uterine relaxation achieved by intravenous magnesium sulphate administration. The baby was delivered maintaining uteroplacental circulation. A first generation supraglottic airway was used as a rescue device after the baby’s trachea could not be intubated.