Issue 1

Volume 71, March 2020

  • Editorial

    • ‘Safety First’ : a plea for realism

      D. Himpe, S. Carlier, M. Van de Velde, L. Foubert, R. Heylen, G. Bergiers, V. Bonhomme


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  • Expert recommendations

    • Belgian standards for patient safety in anesthesia

      The Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium (SARB) and the Belgian Professional Association of Specialists in Anesthesia and Resuscitation (BSAR-APSAR)


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  • Review

    • Myocardial deformation imaging in anesthesia and perioperative medicine: a non systematic review

      O. Jaquet, Ph. Amabili, J.F. Brichant, G.A. Hans


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  • Original articles

    • A prospective randomized controlled trial of the Baska® mask and the LMA Supreme® in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy

      J.M. Beleña, M. Núñez, R. Alvarez-Manzanedo, V. Fernandez-Lanza, A.Vidal


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    • PONV prophylaxis after laparoscopic procedures - Comparison between Palonosetron 0.075mg, Palonosetron 0.15mg and a Palonosetron-Dexamethasone combination : a randomised controlled trial

      N. Bharti, N.B. Panda, K. Kumari


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    • Continuous Posterior Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) block in the management of chronic postsurgical pain of the abdominal wall

      K. Hamdi, J. Joris, M. Saveri, B. Javillier, R. Fontaine


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  • Case reports

    • Enhancement of muscle relaxant effect of rocuronium by intraseptal injection of a solution containing lidocaïne and epinephrine : a case report

      A.C. Bekono Zoa, C. Franssen, J.F. Brichant, C. Czarnetzki


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    • Horner syndrome following epidural analgesia for labor pain:two case reports

      L. Peene, T. Vanneste, M. Beran, P. Vanelderen, J. Van Zundert, R. Heylen, D. Mesotten, M. Van De Velde


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