Issue 3

Volume 71, September 2020

  • In memoriam

    • A dedication to neuroanesthesia, research, and mentorship

      V. Bonhomme, C. Franssen, M. Lamy


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  • Original articles

    • Feasibility of novel smartphone app-based pulse oximetry system compared with proprietary level 4 home sleep testing device for obstructive sleep apnea detection

      E. Seet, C. Saw Jiayu, K.M. Leong, C.M. Kumar


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    • Organizing a safe operating room during a pandemic. What did we learn from COVID-19?

      S. Casaer, T. Sebrechts, P. Van Houwe, W. Rattenberry


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    • Reliability of a spot check non-invasive hemoglobin monitoring (SpHb) of the Masimo RAD-67™ and the HemoCue® for anemia screening

      W. Baulig, U. Eichenberger, O.M. Theusinger


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    • A survey of anesthetists’ experience and perspectives of perioperative anaphylaxis at an Australian tertiary hospital

      G. Chawla, A. Harrocks, P. Casey, E. McLellan, V. Eley


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  • Case reports

    • Anticholinergic symptoms in a patient with a bupropion overdose successfully managed with physostigmine: a case report

      A.F. Kalmar, I. Plaetinck, J. Heerman, S. Van De Velde, S. Allaert


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    • Robinow Syndrome : an anesthetic challenge and review of literature

      V. Depal, N. Patel, A. Singh, A. Kumar


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    • Regional anesthesia combined with virtual reality hypnosis for extended orthopedic surgery: two case reports

      L. De Schrijver, L.A. Sermeus, S. Maes, H. Camerlynck, S. Morrison


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  • Guidelines

    • Guidelines for the safe clinical practice of peripheral nerve blocks in the adult patient

      M. Desmet, S. Bindelle, M.B. Breebaart, H. Camerlynck, S. Casaer, K. Fourneau, P. Gautier, P. Goffin, J.P. Lecoq, I. Lenders, I. Leunen, D. Van Aken, P. Van Houwe, S. Van Hooreweghe, K. Vermeylen, l. Sermeus


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