Issue 2

Volume 72, June 2021

  • Editorial

    • A challenge for anaesthesiologists of the future: To reduce our foot- print on this planet

      M. Carella , G. Hans


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  • Reviews

    • Oral and buccal abuse of transdermal opioids : an underdetected but potentially lethal practice

      L. Gistelinck, G. Heylens, S. Schelfout, G.M.D. Lemmens


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    • Intraoperative management and hemodynamic monitoring for ma- jor abdominal surgery : a narrative review

      A. Russo , B. Romanò


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  • Original articles

    • Perception and knowledge of anesthesia and the role of anesthesiologists : a Belgian single-center cross-sectional survey

      K. Nijs, N. Castelein, L. Salimans, I. Callebaut, I. De Pauw, V. Swinnen, M. Van de Velde, B. Stessel


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    • The practice of regional anesthesia in Belgium – a national survey

      P. Goffin, J.P. Lecoq, L. Sermeus


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    • Establishing changes in endotracheal cuff pressure with continuous monitoring in patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery in Trende- lenburg position

      T.A.L. Renders, S. Gijsbrechts, K. Bijleveld, F.H.J. van Loon


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    • Verification of two alternative do-it-yourself equipment respirator seal as COVID-19 protection (VADERS-CoV) : a quality assessment pilot study

      M. Pettinger , M. Momeni , C. Michaud , M. Van Dyck , D. Kahn , G. Lemaire


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