Issue 4

Volume 72, December 2021

  • Original articles

    • Ultrasound measurement of the optic nerve sheath diameter in traumatic brain injury: a narrative review

      M. Natile, O. Simonet, F. Vallot, M. De Kock


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    • Effect of walking to the operating room on preoperative anxiety in patients scheduled for outpatient laser therapy for venous insufficiency. A monocentric randomized study

      N. Samalea Suarez, C. Hallet, F. Lois, J. Joris, J.F. Brichant


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    • The effect of digital nerve block on the accuracy of hemoglobin monitoring during surgery: A randomized clinical trial

      R.S. Moharari, B.M. Davani, P. Pourfakhr, R.Y. Nooraie, M.R. Khajavi, F. Etezadi, A. Najafi


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    • Surgical adrenalectomy during rescue Extracorporeal Life Support for pheochromocytoma induced cardiogenic shock: a case report

      I. Gruyters, B. Stessel, A. Yilmaz, K. Vekemans, S. Heye, Ph. Jr Timmermans, J. Vandenbrande


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  • Case reports

    • Unusual cause of obstructive shock following esophagectomy: a case report

      S. Boccar, R. Rubay, M. Richard, P. Reper, G. Horlait, A. Goussen, V. De Moor, P. Bulpa


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    • Prinzmetal’s variant angina during laparoscopy: a case report of vasospasm in the context of cardiac arrest

      C. Houbotte, L. Hankenne


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