Supplement 1

Volume 72, December 2021

  • Master Theses

    • Erector spinae plane block in the pediatric population: a case series

      J. B. GlIssenaar, J. M. K. de FIlette, T. Opsomer, D. Vanhonacker, J. Poelaert


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    • Early extubation practices following liver transplantation: a review of the literature

      N. Vandepoele, M. Verhaegen, M. Van de Velde


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    • Retrospective analysis of postoperative pain after general anesthesia for vitreoretinal surgery with or without a retrobulbar block

      F. Dogrul, G. Dewinter, P. Stalmans, A. Teunkens


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    • A randomized controlled trial comparison of LMA® Gastro™, classic LMA and endoscopy mask for anesthesia during adult gastroscopy

      F. MenegattI, M. Lievens , L. De Volder, O. Haegeman, M. Coppens, L. De Baerdemaeker


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    • Intranasal dexmedetomidine to facilitate mask induction and prevent emergence delirium

      M. Denis, H. Goethuys, E. Vandermeulen, D. Mesotten, J. Vundelinckx


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    • Outcome and hospitalization costs after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a single center retrospective analysis

      M. Timmers, X. Willaert, L. Stockx, T. De Beule, J. Grieten, A. lesenne, S. Rex, E. Panis, D. Mesotten


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    • Infantile postoperative encefalopathy and the perioperative risk factors: a systematic review of the literature

      L. KlewaIs, E. Roofthooft, M. Van de Velde


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    • Risk factors of Intensive Care Unit-Acquired Weakness: a single center retrospective analysis

      C. Hilderson, D. Schramme, B. Naveau, M. Vander Laenen, W. Boer, K. Engelen, T. Fivez, X. Willaert, N. Pierlet, S. Rex, W. Eertmans, D. Mesotten


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    • Predicting perioperative acute kidney injury in liver surgery

      L. Coeman, P. Wyffels , J. Van Limmen , P. Wouters


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    • Comparing the impact of OFA (opioid free anesthesia) and steroids on the quality of recovery after Hip Arthroplasty by Direct Anterior Approach Using Minimally Invasive Surgery: a case-control study

      C. Korthoudt, J. Van Lommel, M. Vandekerckhove, J. De Rycke, J. Mulier


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    • Update on best current practice of non-pharmacological interventions reducing preoperative anxiety in children, a semi-systematic literature review

      V. Desmet, S. Kuijpers, J. Boons, M. Van de Velde


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    • Dural Puncture Epidural: to puncture or not to puncture?

      J. De Haes, E. Roofthooft, S. Devroe, M. Van de Velde


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    • Anesthesia for patients with Rett syndrome: a systematic review

      S. Pissens, M. Van de Velde


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    • Latex allergy in healthcare workers: prevalence and characteristics in Ghent University Hospital

      T. Vansteenkiste, S. Amar, H. Lapeere, M. Coppens, L. De Baerdemaeker


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    • A tool to facilitate anesthetic preoperative consultations

      G. Claeys, M. Coppens, L. De Baerdemaeker


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    • How effective is an ultrasound-based imaging technique with automated guidance as an aid in performing spinal anesthesia in elective caesarean section patients? A prospective randomized controlled trial

      J. Delforche, S. Vanderhaeghen, M. Coppens


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    • Impact of opioid free Anesthesia versus opioid Anesthesia on post- operative oxygenation after bariatric surgery: an observational study

      L. Geerts, H. Carvalho, E. Jarahyan, J. MulIer


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    • Enhancing recovery after minimal invasive surgery of the pectus. A review of the literature

      N. TrongthIang, D. Wildemeersch, P. Mertens, J. M. H. Hendriks


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    • Multi-specialty consensus on fundamental ECMO-skills, experts’ opinion: a study protocol

      A. Steenhout, H. Peperstraete, A. Moerman, I. Van Herzeele


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    • Which sevoflurane wash-in rates towards 1.0 MAC ensure adequate anesthetic depth after a standardized intravenous induction before surgical incision?

      M. Van Thielen, R. Carette, S. De Hert, A. M. De Wolf, J. F. A. Hendrickx


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    • Point-of-care coagulation testing in cardiac surgery: an updated narrative review

      S. Espeel, D. Van Beersel


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    • The use of prophylactic corticosteroids to reduce post-extubation stridor in pediatric patients: a systematic review

      M. Dekeyser, J. Gunst, V. De Sloovere


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    • Intraoperative cell salvage in oncological surgery: a narrative review

      P.-J. Windal, S. Rex, R. Van Den Eynde


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    • Survival of elderly COVID-19 intensive care patients in the first and second Belgian wave: a retrospective single center analysis

      G. Vermeiren, X. Willaert, H. Vervloessem, S. Thiessen, W. Boer, T. Fivez, K. Engelen, M. Vander Laenen, M. Van de Velde, D. Mesotten


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    • An alternative strategy for COVID-pneumonitis: a retrospective analysis from a tertiary center in Belgium

      T. Fivez, J. Bruggen, D. Mesotten, X. Willaert, K. Engelen, L. Merckx, M. Vander Laenen, N. Pierlet, B. Goethuys, R. Heylen, W. Boer


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    • Effect of intravenous clonidine on postoperative agitation and recovery time after tonsillectomy

      J. Smet, N. Van der Vekens, H. Vanoverschelde, A. Moerman, A.F. Kalmar


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    • Parental factors influencing postoperative pain in children: a systematic review / Parental factors and postoperative pain

      L. Van Looveren, J. Berghmans, L. Vanlinthout, L. Goubert


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    • Stroke volume variation and pulse pressure variation measured at pulmonary arterial level versus pulse pressure variation measured at systemic arterial level: an exploratory study

      M. Slabbaert, M. Vandenheuvel, P. Wouters


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    • CBD-oil for pain management: myths and evidence

      M. Träger, B. Morlion


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    • Postoperative pain after cesarean section: an audit of practice after implementation of the PROSPECT recommendations

      N. Gharae, E. Roofthooft, N. Fileticci, S. Devroe, P. Vanhove, S. Rex, M. Van de Velde


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    • Sevoflurane in COVID19 patients: a prospective observational pilot study

      B.C. Vinckier, A.C. Dumoulin, Y.E. Devriendt, M. Van de Velde, P.M. Lormans


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    • Alerting and organisation of the Flemish resuscitation teams

      H. Verborgh, W. Degrève, L. Foubert


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    • Quality of life after COVID-19 induced critical illness: do the old survivors suffer more?

      J. ConIngs, G. VermeIren, W. Boer, T. Fivez, D. Mesotten, M. Vander Laenen, S. Thiessen, K. Engelen, X. Willaert


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    • Pitfalls and benefits of virtual reality hypnosis during transcatheter aortic valve implantation in high risk patients

      F. Vanhoorebeeck, M.B. Breebaart, S. Maes, P. Mertens


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    • Categorical Apache IV prediction of ICU and 90 day mortality

      T. Bergmans, M. Van de Velde, N. Pierlet, B. Goethuys, D. Mesotten, S. Van Poucke


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    • Confirming central line position through bedside ultrasound, a prospective registration

      J. Dillemans, A. DumoulIn, P. Wyffels, B. Heyse


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    • Ultrasound-guided superficial cervical plexus block for post-herpetic neuralgia: narrative review of the literature and an illustrative case

      S. Roelands, C. Lebrun, F. Soetens, F. Van de Perck, K. Vermeylen


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