Issue 2

Volume 73, June 2022

  • Original studies

    • Hyperalgesia and fentanyl dosing in on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: a prospective, randomised, double-blinded clinical trial

      S. Slagmulder, E. Mauermann, M. Vandenheuvel


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    • The incidence of early neurological complications after on-pump cardiac surgery: a retrospective study

      J.F. Houthuys, A. Schrijvers, D. Van Beersel, W. Botermans, L. Al tmimi


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    • Factors influencing anesthesiologistsperceived usefulness of ACRM (Anaesthesia Crisis Resources Management) key points after a combined ACLS (AHA)-ACRM similation training

      De Biasi Fabrizio, Olivei Maddalena Carlotta, Vergallo Alessandro, Fiore Gilberto, Balagna Roberto, Donato Paolo, Cristofoli Loris, Caironi Pietro, Marinangeli Franco


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    • Multicenter international survey on the clinical use of inhaled nitric oxide in the perioperative setting and critically ill patients Survey on inhaled nitric oxide

      K. Van Loon, R. Rossaint, A. Saraçoglu, N. Marczin, S. Rex


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  • Reviews

    • The role of methylene blue in the management of vasoplegic syndrome: a narrative review

      J. Cottyn, E. Roussel, S. Rex, L. Al Tmimi


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    • The role of tranexamic acid in obstetric hemorrhage: a narrative review

      M. Van Houwe, E. Roofthooft, M. Van de Velde


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    • Is the Erector Spinae Plane block useful for anti-nociception and analgesia in lumbar spine surgery? A narrative review of the literature and opinion paper

      G. Tran, N. Vyncke, J. Montupil, V. Bonhomme, A. Defresne


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