Issue 3

Volume 74, September 2023

  • Original studies

    • The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in Belgian hospitals: Changes in use, knowledge, opinions and perception of pressure among operating room professionals between 2016 and 2021

      L. Huyghe, W. Swinnen, H. Peleman


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    • Incidence of brachial plexus injury after cardiac surgery: a retrospective study

      J. Heirbaut, H. Gutermann, T. Fret


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    • Catheter-based serratus anterior plane block vs. continuous wound infiltration for postoperative pain control following minimally invasive atrioventricular valve surgery : a randomized, prospective trial

      B. Vanden Bussche, M. Vandenheuvel, A. Moerman


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    • Herpes simplex virus reactivation among severe COVID-19 patients: to treat or not to treat?

      N. Coosemans, J. Janssen, J. Klein, T. Schepens, W. Verbrugghe, P. Jorens


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    • Assessing fluid shifts in the pediatric surgical patient: is bioimpedance a promising tool

      S. Stevens, M. Scheuerman, K Van Hoeck, V. Saldien


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  • Reviews

    • Anaesthaesia for Category-1 urgency Ceasarean section

      S. Devroe, M. Dhankhar, N. Lucas


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    • Artificial intelligence in anesthesiology

      F. Gheysen, S. Rex


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    • Pharmacological strategies to reduce perioperative anxiety in children – a narrative review

      D. Knaeps, P. Van de Putte, M. Van de Velde


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    • Can the OSA patient be managed within an ERAS protocol? A narrative review

      M. Ramselaar, A. Neyrinck


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