Supplement 1

Volume 74, December 2023

  • Master Theses

    • Safety and efficacy of patient controlled analgesia using the Sublingual Sufentanil Tablet System (SSTS) in a fast track rehabilitation program after Total Knee arthroplasty

      G. Bearelle, A. Parashchanka, L. Verbanck, P. Wouters


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    • Post-operative patient-controlled intravenous oxycodone vs patient- controlled intravenous Piritramide: A randomized controlled trial

      J. de Mey, J. Moonen, A. Scholliers, W. Alliet, M. Matic, T. Opsomer, D. Vanhonacker


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    • Implementation of the fascia iliaca block in the emergency department for patients with hip fractures

      E. De Munck, M.B. Breebaart


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    • The use of analgesics for postoperative pain after discharge from the hospital – a prospective observational study

      E. Galle , P. Verslype, S. Schelfout, M. Coppens


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    • Predicting hospital readmission and 90-day mortality in patients presenting at the emergency department during the first COVID-19 wave in Belgium

      E. Haver, D. Mesotten, P. Vanelderen, S. Verelst, S. Van Boxstael


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    • Evaluation of systemic exposure to intracameral tropicamide 0.02%, phenylephrine 0.31% and lidocaine 1% in pediatric cataract surgery: a pilot study

      H. Herbots, L. Van Os, W. Aerts, M.J. Tassignon, A. Covaci, C. Dumitrascu, V. Saldien


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    • An observational study of airway management at a Belgian university hospital: use of neuromuscular blocking agents and a description of current practice during rapid sequence induction of anesthesia with intubation

      E. Leemans, J. Mendes, S.G. Morrison, V. Saldien


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    • An observational study of airway management at a university hospital in Belgium, with reference to airway equipment and intubation

      J. Mendes, J. Leemans, S.G. Morrison, V. Saldien


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    • Continuity of care in ambulatory surgery: what are the obstacles?

      J. Raemaekers, M. Coppens


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    • Are there any benefits to the use of renal replacement therapy during liver transplantation: a narrative review

      M. Romont, M. Verhaegen, M. Van de Velde


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    • Preoperative fasting: an online survey in Belgian anesthetists

      W. Schraepen, M. Van De Velde


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    • Trends in age profiles of surgical patients over 4 years in a Belgian tertiary hospital

      E. Stiers, P. Wyffels, P. Wouters


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    • Comparison of the intentions of residents and licensed anesthesiologists to adapt propofol, sufentanil and sevoflurane titration according to the patient’s age

      P. Tomassen, F. Van Laere, A. Kalmar, H. Vereecke


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    • Ketamine Infusion Therapy in chronic pain

      A.L.G. Vallé, W. Swinnen, R.B.M.C. Bruyndonckx, J. Pauwels, A.L.M. Callewaert


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    • Temporal delays in patients with traumatic brain injury in need of urgent surgical evacuation: retrospective analysis of the emergency department of a non-level I trauma center

      L. Janssen, R. Gijbels, S. Panken, P. Vanelderen, D. Mesotten, S. Van Boxstael


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    • Crystalloids vs. colloids during minimally invasive oesophagectomy and their influence on postoperative acute kidney injury, mortality, and morbidity: a retrospective observational study

      P. Vandevelde, E. Hoste , L. De Baerdemaeker


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    • The Quality of Recovery-15 score as a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for anesthesia and surgery after total hip and total knee arthroplasty

      P. De Groof, E. Van Hoeylandt, L. Sueys, E. Pannier, J. Pauwels, W. Van Paesschen, W. Swinnen


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    • Perioperative titration habits of rocuronium in the young and elderly patient: A pharmacologic simulation-based survey comparing residents and licensed anesthesiologists

      F. Van Laere, P. Tomassen, A. Kalmar, H. Vereecke


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    • Safety and reliability of inhalational anesthesia for disaster medicine: the use of the Glostavent® Helix in Turkey in the aftermath of 2023 earthquake, a case-series

      A. Bun, J.C. De Schoutheete, P.M. François


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    • A case report and narrative review of literature of spontaneous intracranial hypotension during the postpartum period

      A. Bottosso, L. Benoît


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    • Use of Dexmedetomidine in patients undergoing ambulatory anesthesia: a narrative review

      L. Collard, A.-S. Dincq, B. Nicolay


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    • Fibrinogen concentrate in the management of postpartum hemorrhage: a narrative review

      P. Deceuninck, E. Veef, M. Van de Velde


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    • Rebound pain after regional anesthesia in ambulatory surgery: a narrative review

      L. Delporte, K. Vermeulen, A.Teunkens


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    • Life-threatening euglycemic ketoacidosis in pregnancy: A case report with narrative review of the literature


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    • Anesthesiological management of patients with an opioid use disorder: A narrative review of the literature

      C. Fierens, J. Lauweryns, M. Van De Velde


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    • Automatic closed-loop anesthesia: a scoping review

      Q. De Schouwer, S. Rex, M. Van De Velde, B. Kuijpers


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    • The future of airway management: a selection of recent advances — Narrative review

      D. Lavista, R. Jappie, M. Van de Velde


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    • Dexmedetomidine as premedication in children: a narrative review

      N. Logghe, A. Teunkens


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    • Peri-operative use of continuous intravenous lidocaine on postoperative pain: A narrative review

      H. Ryckebosch, V. Saldien


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    • Anesthetic implications in patients with previous bleomycin exposure: a narrative review

      R. Vervoort, K. Vermeulen, A. Teunkens


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