Original studies

  • Trends in female authorship in Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica from 2005 to 2021

    T. Eggermont, S. De Hert, A. Moerman

    Abstract | PDF

  • Pain management after hip fracture repair surgery: a systematic review and procedure-specific postoperative pain management (PROSPECT) recommendations

    S. Pissens, L. Cavens, G. P. Joshi, M.P. Bonnet, A. Sauter, J. Raeder, M. Van de Velde

    Abstract | PDF

  • Long-term cognitive dysfunction after COVID ARDS

    L. Vanginderhuysen, B. Janssen, G. Vingerhoets, X. Willaert, A. Creemers, D. Mesotten, S. Thiessen

    Abstract | PDF