Supplement 1

Volume 73, December 2022

  • Master Theses

    • The effect on hemodynamic parameters and incidence of systemic side-effects following intracameral injection of a mixture of tropicamide 0,02%, phenylephrine 0,31% and lidocaine 1% in children: a pilot study

      W. Aerts, H. Herbots, L. Van Os, MJ. Tassignon, V. Saldien


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    • Assessing the measurement error of different methods used to calculate Pulse Pressure Variation

      S. Njuguna, P. Wyffels, P. Wouters


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    • Prognostication of long-term outcomes after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: external validation of the FRESH score

      H. Vervloessem, M. Timmers, S. Thiessen, D. Mesotten, L. Stockx, T. De Beule, V. De Sloovere, S. Rex, X. Willaert


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    • Impact of opioid free anesthesia on glycemia: a randomized controlled trial

      J. Van Loocke, A. Heintz, J. Mulier


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    • Influence of continuous administration of phenylephine versus dobutamine on paraspinal oxygen saturation

      M. Besard, V. Bafort, M. Wolfskeil, A. Moerman, S. De Hert, C. Vanpeteghem


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    • Artificial intelligence for pain classification with the non-invasive pain monitor Anspec-Pro

      T. De Grauwe, M. Ghit, D. Copot, C.M. Ionescu, M. Neckebroek


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    • Introduction of an enhanced recovery program for young adults undergoing posterior spinal fusion surgery for idiopathic scoliosis: a single-centre pilot study evaluating short term outcomes

      L. Van Hoorick, C. Spaas, M. Breebaart, V. Saldien, J. Michielsen, G. Hans, D. Wildemeersch


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    • Pupillometry pain index during day care anesthesia using remifentanil: comparison of perioperative analgesic consumption in a double blind RCT

      D. Van Vlaenderen, G. Hans, V. Saldien, D.Wildemeersch


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    • Can nociception monitors be used to titrate remifentanil with a stable low noxious stimulation response index (NSRI)?

      N.Van Heck, R. Carette, J. F.A. Hendrickx, A. De Wolf


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    • The effect of suprainguinal fascia iliaca blocks on morphine use after total hip arthroplasty: a retrospective cohort study

      A. Herijgers, P.B.C. Van de Putte, A. Wallyn, E. Hendrickx, G. Schols, K. Vermeylen


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    • New insights on perioperative use of dexamethasone: A narrative review of the literature

      J. Smolders, K. Vermeulen


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    • Does High Flow Nasal Cannula avoid intubation and improve the mortality of adult patients in acute respiratory failure in the intensive care setting, when compared to others methods as Conventional Oxygen Therapy or Non-Invasive Ventilation? A narrative r

      P. Fosseur, A. Renard, P. Mateu, J. Rosman


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    • Dexamethasone as analgesic in different types of gynecologic surgery – A literature review

      T. Biesemans, E. Vandemaele


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    • Perioperative fluid management in major surgery

      T. Baert, G. Dewinter


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    • The effect of perioperative use of dexmedetomidine on time to extubation and ICU stay after coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a single-center retrospective cohort study

      B.Ysenbaardt, M. Nauwynck, J. Mulier


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    • Intraoperative hypotension and postoperative complications in non- cardiac surgery: a narrative review

      R. Vossen, J. Lauweryns


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    • Safety and follow-up systems after ambulatory peripheral nerve block: a narrative review

      K. Gille, K. Vermeulen, A. Teunkens


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