Issue 2

Volume 70, June 2019

  • Original studies

    • The observance of evidence-based guidelines for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting is difficult in daily practice of an academic hospital – a retrospective cohort study

      C. C. Dusart, F. J. Lois, A. H. Steyaert


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    • High spinal anesthesia combined with general anesthesia versus general anesthesia alone : a retrospective cohort study in cardiac surgical patients

      S. Kowalski, D. Goldie, D. Maguire, R. C. Arora, L. Girling, R. Fransoo, R.Legaspi, T.W.R. Lee


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    • Cricoid pressure in combination with the BURP maneuver versus cricoid pressure alone to improve the glottis view in pediatric patients; an interventional study

      A.E. Soltani, F. Rezaei, M. Goudarzi, A. Baratloo, Z. H. Khan, M. R. Khajavi


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    • A five-year retrospective cohort study of maternal, neonatal outcomes and anesthetic management in women with extreme obesity at an Australian hospital

      M. Bright, G. Chawla, L. Callaway, V. Eley


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  • Case reports

    • Multiple anesthetic and obstetric challenges in a laboring patient with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) : acquired hemophilia and a rare seizure disorder

      C.F. James, E.H. Burnett


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    • Bilateral popliteal and saphenous nerve block for osteotomy and tendon release in a cerebral palsy patient with intrathecal baclofen pump : a case report

      S. Coppens, D. Hoogma, S. Rex, M. Van de Velde


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    • Intravascular absorption syndrome : case report of a life-threatening complication during hysteroscopy

      R. Nieuwenhuizen, A.F. Kalmar, N. Van Der Vekens, J. Heerman, M. Casteels, H. Vanoverschelde


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  • Letter to the Editor

    • To the Editor, Patient blood management : the way to effective and safe implementation

      M. Van De Velde


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