Issue 4

Volume 74, December 2023

  • Obituary

    • Professor Bernard François GRIBOMONT (1932 -2023)

      Francis Veyckemans, Philippe L. Baele



  • Editorials

    • BESARPP recommendations on responsible and sustainable use of inhaled anesthetics: No time TO WASTE

      Wolfgang Buhre


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    • The odorless, the colorless, the tasteless and the complacent

      Jan F.A. Hendrickx, Stefan De Hert, Andre M. de Wolf


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  • BeSARPP recommendations

    • BeSARPP (Belgian Society of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation, Perioperative medicine and Pain management) recommendations on responsible and sustainable use of inhaled anesthetics: NO time TO WASTE

      J. Hendrickx*, A. Kalmar*, V. Bonhomme, M. Coppens, l. de Baerdemaeker, S. De Hert, P-Y. Dewandre, l. Foubert, J. Grieten, P. Kapessidou, T. Pirotte, S. Rex, V. Saldien, D. Schmartz, l. Sermeus, M. Van de Velde, D. Vanhonacker, P. Wouters, M. Momeni


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  • Original articles

    • Severe and acute hypercapnia, subsequent to the mistaken connection of a carbon dioxide cylinder on the nitrous oxide manifold: a report of three simultaneous cases

      S. Chakupurakal, G. Gamela, Y. Ghosez, P. Van Der linden


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    • Reliability and validity of the Dutch version of the Parents’ Postoperative Pain Measure (PPPM-Dv)

      J. Van Laethem, l. Vanlinthout, l. Goubert, M.J. Poley, A. Bauters, M.H. Lauwers, J. Berghmans


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    • Effect of ondansetron in maternal hypotension during cesarean delivery: an observational study

      H. Szmulewicz, G. Saco, M. Montanaro, C. Nozieres, A. Szmulewicz, D. Toscana


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    • Effect of Somatostatin on hepatic blood flow: preliminary results

      H. Thierens, J. Van Limmen, P .Wyffels, F. Berrevoet, l. De Baerdemaeker, S. De Hert


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  • Reviews

    • Review of strategies to prevent infections related to ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and vascular access

      A. Eyssen, J. Cops, A. Hadzic


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    • Different methods for hepatic flow measurements: a narrative review

      X. Iturriagagoitia Bassas, E. Hente


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