Case reports

  • Multiple anesthetic and obstetric challenges in a laboring patient with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) : acquired hemophilia and a rare seizure disorder

    C.F. James, E.H. Burnett

    Abstract | PDF

  • Bilateral popliteal and saphenous nerve block for osteotomy and tendon release in a cerebral palsy patient with intrathecal baclofen pump : a case report

    S. Coppens, D. Hoogma, S. Rex, M. Van de Velde

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  • Intravascular absorption syndrome : case report of a life-threatening complication during hysteroscopy

    R. Nieuwenhuizen, A.F. Kalmar, N. Van Der Vekens, J. Heerman, M. Casteels, H. Vanoverschelde

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